More Enlightenment

20 Jan

Someone is looking out for me! I kept getting a feeling to call and check on a client of mine who had cancer but is in remission.  It just came to me and I remembered to do it this morning. I called her up adn she began telling me about a procedure she’d had done (it had nothing to do with her cancer).  Turns out, I had the same situation and she advised me not to have it done the way my doctor was wanting to do it. Her doctor advised her against it adn she explained to me why and it made perfect sense NOT to have it done in that way.  I am researching another route.  I love the light feeling I get when the Great Mother shines on me like that.  

I had an “enlightenment” years ago and since then these little things happen to me quite often.  If you are in touch with your center it happens. 

When I feel frustrated with other ppl because they didn’t do their job (other businesses I have to call) I stop and think before being totally rude that I may have to ask that person for a job or I may end up working with that person one day.  This happened to me today.  It’s too easy to just be rude! I hate talking to ppl who are rude to me yet I find myself wanting to behave the same way!  That’s so….. human!  Anyway, it is part of my enlightenment. 

I am feeling more like myself these days and will be in a better blogging mood soon. I will be posting more good stuff and less blah blah about my life that no one cares about! 🙂

Goddess bless you reader.

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Posted by on January 20, 2012 in Life in general


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