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My Personality Type

I “stumbledupon” this and thought it was interesting as it fits me pretty close:

The Dreamer


The Dreamer, INFP, personality type is one that is highly creative, artistic, and spiritual. They enjoy creating beautiful works of art. These works can be in different forms, such as paintings, music, or literature (to name a few).The Dreamer achieves much of their satisfaction when they are able to develop their artistic skills and abilities. The sense of accomplishment they feel from their creations are enough to make them feel content. They do not need to be famous or recognized by the masses to feel this sense of accomplishment. The act of creating in and of itself is enough to provide much enjoyment and allow the Dreamer to feel renewed and refreshed.
Many Dreamers focus a lot of their energy on their inner world, which is dominated by intense feeling and deeply held ethics. They desire for an external life that fits this same model and keeps with the same values as their inner world.
The INFP is loyal to the people and causes in their life that they feel are important. They are able to spot opportunities quickly in order to implement their ideas. They are curious of their environments and desire to understand those around them. They are accepting and flexible, but only if their values are not threatened.
Based on observations of behavior, notable INFPs may include Princess Diana, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Audrey Hepburn, Richard Gere, and Albert Schweitzer.
Find out what your personality type is:
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More Enlightenment

Someone is looking out for me! I kept getting a feeling to call and check on a client of mine who had cancer but is in remission.  It just came to me and I remembered to do it this morning. I called her up adn she began telling me about a procedure she’d had done (it had nothing to do with her cancer).  Turns out, I had the same situation and she advised me not to have it done the way my doctor was wanting to do it. Her doctor advised her against it adn she explained to me why and it made perfect sense NOT to have it done in that way.  I am researching another route.  I love the light feeling I get when the Great Mother shines on me like that.  

I had an “enlightenment” years ago and since then these little things happen to me quite often.  If you are in touch with your center it happens. 

When I feel frustrated with other ppl because they didn’t do their job (other businesses I have to call) I stop and think before being totally rude that I may have to ask that person for a job or I may end up working with that person one day.  This happened to me today.  It’s too easy to just be rude! I hate talking to ppl who are rude to me yet I find myself wanting to behave the same way!  That’s so….. human!  Anyway, it is part of my enlightenment. 

I am feeling more like myself these days and will be in a better blogging mood soon. I will be posting more good stuff and less blah blah about my life that no one cares about! 🙂

Goddess bless you reader.

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Starting off with a Bang!

My DH and I have started back to the gym regularly again.  Well, I have. He slumped out on me so I went alone today. He asked me to pick up dinner and a few things from the grocers so yeah…at least I was useful.  I did discover that it is time to update my Ipod.

Two days ago my dryer stopped heating.  I now have towels and uniform pants hanging from strings tied between my dining room chairs drying. I did learn something tho! If you leave them slightly damp and put them in the dryer with no heat and some dryer sheets they don’t end up stiff like sand paper.  Good tip!  I gotta find out how to fix it cuz I can’t afford to take it for repars right now. Yeesh…I really dread it.  On the upside, my power bill should be a little lower!

I just had a salad for dinner that I picked up from McAlisters Deli. It was sooo good.  I was disappointed to find that it only had like 1.5 oz of chicken.  It also had cranberries, candied almonds and some sweet dressing.  Wish I hadn’t ordered it now. I ordered it sight unseen over the phone (I took the employees suggestion) and now I feel like my cardio session was blown because of all the sugar and the NO PROTEIN in that salad.  Well, it was tasty.  I really shouldn’t complain.

I’m excited about 2012. It’s going to be a great year.


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A fun family game nite idea

I found this on stumbleupon.  We love a good spelling bee, my daughter and me.  We’re going to take turns calling these words out to each other and letting my husband be the judge/point-taker/referree whatever!  Try this with your family.

(American) Common misspelled words

Words commonly misspelled, or spelled correctly but not used properly: Note: these are American spellings!

A: absence, accidentally, accommodate/accommodation, according, ache, acquit/acquire, again, against, aisle, allegory, almost, always, although, ancient, airplane, aging, agonize, apologize

B: beautiful, beginning, believe, bellwether, body, build, business

C: calendar, consensus, cemetery, changeable, confidence, conscience/conscientious/conscious, coolly,  criticize

D: decided, defendant, describe, despair, difference, dilemma, disappear, disappoint, disguise, distance, divide, double, drunkenness, dumbbell

E: easiness, embarrass, exceed, exhilarate, existence

F: familiar, famous, finish, foreign, forest, from/form

G: gauge, government, grateful, guarantee, guardian, guest, guilty

H: halve, happened, harass, height, here/hear, high

I: illegible, imagine, immediately, independent, indispensable, information, inoculate, instead, interest, irresistible

J: jewelry, judgment, juice

K: kernel/colonel, knowledge

L: language, league, leisure, license, liquefy, a lot, listen

M: machine, maintenance, meant, measure, medieval, memorandum, merchandise, millennium, mischievous, misspell, month, mountain

N: necessary, neighbor, neither, nighttime, noticeable

O: occurrence, occasion/occasionally

P: paragraph, pastime, period, phrase, playwright, possible, precede, preferred, pressure, principal/principle, privilege, prominent, purchase, purpose, pursue

Q: quite, quiet, queue, questionnaire

R: receipt, receive, recommend, reference, referred, region, relevant, remember, rhyme, rhythm

S: says, separate, sergeant, several, similar, sincerely, soldier, sugar, sure,

T: temperature, theater, there/their/they’re, thousands, thorough, threshold, to/two/too, tomorrow, tournament, truly, tyranny

U: unanimous, unforgettable, unfortunately, until, usually

V: vacuum, variety, various, vary, vehicle, vicious, village, villain

W: wear/where/we’re, weird, weather/whether


Y: yacht, yield

Z: zucchini

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All better now….finally

I have had to be away due to 2 brief illnesses as well as the holidays.  Holidays are hard enough but battling illnesses at the same adds to the frustration.  I’m not completely well physically but I will be fine!


I have been clearing bookshelves in my off time.  I had forgotton much of what I had and I needed to dust anyway.  The majority of my books have been boxed up because I simply don’t have room for all of them.  I have two different categories of books 1) My books that I will NEVER give up and 2) books I have listed on .  If you have excessive books this is the way to go!  Check it out.

As I was going through my books I thought if something were to happen to me and my daughter had to go through all of this stuff what opinion would she form of me just based on what I read?  That’s an interesting thought, isn’t it?  I have poetry, humor and esteem-building/thought provoking books as well as my “secret” books that I dont’ really display.  They’re not adult in nature, not that kind of secret. Being a pagan I have things that are not mainstream. Divination, spirit communication, astrology, recipes for non-food helps in magic…  My daughter knows I follow a pagan path, but she doesn’t really understand it. I have introduced her to it but she’s 15 and able to make her own decisions about the path she wants to follow so I haven’t pushed my ideas on her.  I hope she will see that the lighter side of mom enjoyed a good laugh and was able to see the humor in most anything; and that the darker side wasn’t the frightening kind of dark but “good witch” kind of dark. I hope she will understand the reason that was kept private and that one of the main things in magic is to keep silent, Keep your practice under your hat and just KNOW yourself what you’ve done, see the result and smile on the inside.

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