Starting off with a Bang!

20 Jan

My DH and I have started back to the gym regularly again.  Well, I have. He slumped out on me so I went alone today. He asked me to pick up dinner and a few things from the grocers so yeah…at least I was useful.  I did discover that it is time to update my Ipod.

Two days ago my dryer stopped heating.  I now have towels and uniform pants hanging from strings tied between my dining room chairs drying. I did learn something tho! If you leave them slightly damp and put them in the dryer with no heat and some dryer sheets they don’t end up stiff like sand paper.  Good tip!  I gotta find out how to fix it cuz I can’t afford to take it for repars right now. Yeesh…I really dread it.  On the upside, my power bill should be a little lower!

I just had a salad for dinner that I picked up from McAlisters Deli. It was sooo good.  I was disappointed to find that it only had like 1.5 oz of chicken.  It also had cranberries, candied almonds and some sweet dressing.  Wish I hadn’t ordered it now. I ordered it sight unseen over the phone (I took the employees suggestion) and now I feel like my cardio session was blown because of all the sugar and the NO PROTEIN in that salad.  Well, it was tasty.  I really shouldn’t complain.

I’m excited about 2012. It’s going to be a great year.


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Posted by on January 20, 2012 in Life in general


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