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All better now….finally

I have had to be away due to 2 brief illnesses as well as the holidays.  Holidays are hard enough but battling illnesses at the same adds to the frustration.  I’m not completely well physically but I will be fine!


I have been clearing bookshelves in my off time.  I had forgotton much of what I had and I needed to dust anyway.  The majority of my books have been boxed up because I simply don’t have room for all of them.  I have two different categories of books 1) My books that I will NEVER give up and 2) books I have listed on .  If you have excessive books this is the way to go!  Check it out.

As I was going through my books I thought if something were to happen to me and my daughter had to go through all of this stuff what opinion would she form of me just based on what I read?  That’s an interesting thought, isn’t it?  I have poetry, humor and esteem-building/thought provoking books as well as my “secret” books that I dont’ really display.  They’re not adult in nature, not that kind of secret. Being a pagan I have things that are not mainstream. Divination, spirit communication, astrology, recipes for non-food helps in magic…  My daughter knows I follow a pagan path, but she doesn’t really understand it. I have introduced her to it but she’s 15 and able to make her own decisions about the path she wants to follow so I haven’t pushed my ideas on her.  I hope she will see that the lighter side of mom enjoyed a good laugh and was able to see the humor in most anything; and that the darker side wasn’t the frightening kind of dark but “good witch” kind of dark. I hope she will understand the reason that was kept private and that one of the main things in magic is to keep silent, Keep your practice under your hat and just KNOW yourself what you’ve done, see the result and smile on the inside.

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Post Halloween Party

So DH and I attended a super halloween party last night.  It was great.  There were so many awesome costumes!  We went as WWE superstars Randy Orton and Beth Phoenix.  We both got so many compliments!  The costume I remember most was Ozzy Osbourne.  This guy was SERIOUS.  He was screaming all night and sounded exactly like the  man himself … he was so real that the DJ played crazy train  in his honor.  LOL:, it was fabulous.  There was another great pimp-daddy one that really put on a great show. Top hat, rose colored glasses, tricked out suit and all the bling.  Couldn’t stop looking at this dude. He was fab.

There were 15 women dressed as nurses! PPL, come on! The theme was to dress as a celebrity.  I know, we’re all adults and we don’t have to follow that rule exactly….no one is uninvited just because they didn’t make an effort but it’s halloween! It’s not like it is a surprise and you didn’t know you were going to need to come up with a costume!  Still tho, we got a laugh out of it!   There were two couples dressed as Bonny & Clyde, one guy dressed as Mimi from the Drew Carey show (OMG.  more than I wanted to see), a husband and wife dressed as a cowboy and an indian, a chic dressed in lady gaga’s teal outfit with the 80’s shoulder pads and a long blonde wig and sunglasses (she was a little hottie and she could dance!) and several “flapper” girls.  We met some really great people.  Had a super time.

I made that drink I mentioned earlier, the dirty pirate.  AMAZING!  It almost tasted chocolatey. That was probably because I over poured the kahlua.  Hey..what?!? you can’t put too much kahlua !!  I didn’t drink too much but I did eat too much (some candy corn M&M stuff that was like freakin CRACK! I couldn’t stop eating it!)

I woke up feeling great (no hangovers, I was proud!) with more great memories!  My costume is in the closet now but, boy was that fun!


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