Save the Schweddy Balls!

21 Oct

I LOVE rum balls.  This is great!  Ben & Jerry’s is famous for it’s catchy titles and far-out flavors.  Most of the world seems to think they’ve gone too far this time.  I never saw the SNL skit with Peter Scheddy the baker who would exclaim, “no one can resist my scweddy balls!”, but I LOVE a good ice cream and the title makes me laugh!  I say stop being so uptight and laugh out loud and eat more ice cream!  Christian/Family activists make me sick!  Don’t demand something be removed from the shelves you selfish idiots just because YOU don’t like it!  Maybe someone else does and could use the laugh!   I could understand it if it was something harmful, but it’s ice cream! Say no to drugs…say YES to Schweddy Balls! :))

If you’re worried about what to tell your kids (your young ones who wouldn’t have a clue) and you can’t tell them the truth, make up something like you do when they ask where they came from! ou know you did! When they’re old enough and if it’s still around, tell them then If you don’t, someone else’s mom will.

Isn’t this a crazy place! LOL  I hope I find some soon and I want it in a CONE. 🙂

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