My Snickers Ice Cream Bar Idea. What do you think?

19 Oct

I keep on seeing recipes for snickers ice cream and after the publisher tries it, there are complaints of it not tasting like snickers really or it was not the same or whatever. I have had a few of the real snickers ice cream bars (shhhhhhhhhh) and I have an idea I may try sometime. This is NOT TESTED. I AM MAKING THIS UP AS I GO….FAIR WARNING ! 🙂

snickers bars

1 container good quality vanilla ice cream, softened (of course you COULD use chocolate)

1 tub cool whip, thawed

chocolate for melting and coating

OK lets say you put the snickers in a food processor ( I’d use my Ninja), then dump them out into a very large mixing bowl.  Turn out the softened ice cream into the bowl and mix with a wooden spoon.  Mix the cool whip into that.  Press that mixture out onto a foil lined cookie sheet. Let freeze overnight.

When well frozen, cut into whatever size bars you’d like to have.  Use a pizza cutter for convenience and speed.  If possible, leave a little space between bars on the pan.  Return them to the freezer while you melt some of the chocolate in a double boiler or microwave oven.  When the chocolate is melted but not too-too hot, remove the bars from the freezer and, using tongs, dip the bottoms of the bars into chocolate and return to the cookie sheet.  Return them to the freezer while you melt the rest of the chocolate.  Remove bars from the freezer and spoon chocolate over  the tops . Return them to the freezer for a few hours. Then they should be ready to eat.

So, who thinks this might work?  I can imagine it working, but what do you think?

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