I need motivation!

17 Oct


Help!  I am demotivated!  Something I never used to experience! What is going on??  I know I should push harder to get the hubby to go back to the gym with me, but I don’t want to nag.  It feels like nagging! 

 I can go without him but I would have to beg for a spotter and then our workouts would be off because he’d want to go the next day and I will have already worked that body part so then I’d just be standing around (and spotting him, of course).  I guess I could do it that way but if I did he’d say there is no point in us going since I have already worked out that body part the day before and he’d be all fussy… blah blah blah!

I wonder if putting a pic like this in front of me would help:


Yes. That helps already!  My legs will never be that long, but that’s beside the point! I’m giving myself credit here tho: I haven’t missed much cardio training!  I do SOMETHING everyday toward my health. 

A smart woman once said “Everything you don’t do toward your health, you are doing against it”.  Did I say that right? 

Also, I read this once: Don’t give up for the moment on what you want for a lifetime. In other words, don’t do anything that would jeapordize what you want healthwise for your life,  just because you’re tempted at the moment. Or in pictures it looks like this:

So true.

I am lucky to have such smart friends! Here’s another motivator for me:


I gotta stop cheating. I can do this! i will do this!  Goddess help me!


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