Happy Fall!

15 Oct

This is my 100th post!  Yay me!!

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It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here!  The leaves are falling with every breeze and I love to run  through them as they are falling!  Here are the lyrics to one of my FAVE songs to listen to when I walk: (want to hear it? go here, scroll all the way down and it’s the first song on the last CD listed. (The Burning).


Moving slowly / Each step forward like – falling
Each step forward like – breathing in light
Still falling / Each step forward like – falling
Each step forward like falling one step at a time

Breathing slowly
Each breath inward like – falling
Each breath inward like maybe beating a drum
Still breathing – I can’t quite believe it
I can’t quitebelieve that I’m breathing one breath at a time

I don’t know what’s coming with the morning wind
I can’t even make sense of what’s already been
I don’t know if I have even got it in me to try again

Gliding slowly
Every heartbeat like – falling
Every heartbeat like – falling in time
Didn’t believe it
I did not believe it could – after
I did not believe that my heart beat one beat at a time

But I’ll risk moving
I’ll risk gliding – slowly
I’ll risk falling…
I’ll risk breathing
Risk my heart beating
I’ll risk falling if walking means falling
one step at a time…


© 1990 Christopher Bingham

I’m going to see what treasures I can find at the thrift shops today.  A new book, some old spoons, who knows what.  Im going out to enjoy the sun and the fallig leaves.  I hope you will too!

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