Apple Cinnamon French Toast- A Visual Recipe.

11 Oct

Apple Cinnamon French Toast (Visually)

If you prefer your recipes in standard layouts that are easier to read (or print), this recipe has also been posted on BakeSpace here. If you are a newbie or just like watching the process, read on!
CINNAMON TOAST!  i”m in love all over again.
Note from Sheri:  I would NOT use Soy milk.  Soy is HORRIBLE for you especially if you are a woman.  Use lowfat or fat free milk instead.  Also, I’d skip the powdered sugar and go for an agave sweetened syrup or just some stevia brown sugar. Be sure to use 15 grain bread or ezekiel bread for all of the health benefits. Don’t use “grease” as the original author phrases it, but use fat free vegetable oil spray in a nonstick pan.  Happy eating!
This recipe make approximately 6 pieces of french toast.
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