Haunted Story

05 Oct

These are really instances instead of stories, I guess, but here they are:

In the old office where I used to work (i still work for the same company, but the old office was torn down in 2005) a co-worker and myself heard something crash to the floor and shatter. We never found anything. Nothing missing, no glass on the floor or anywhere else, no trace of any thing different.  That building was very very old so it could have been anyone.  It was definately strange!

In my very own house there is a shadow figure that will go through from my daughters old room, through the kitchen and on into my bedroom.  It is taller than the door openings and has a pointed head.You cannot distinguish arms and legs with this figure.  Just a form with a head, neck and long body. It has drifted up right behind me and gone through me on about three occasions.  Once it was in the bathroom, which was strange. I have seen orb clusters with my naked eye in that bathroom as well. 

Once while working in another old office buildling on a saturday all by myself I heard the voice of a child (boy?) say “hello?”  I stopped cold.  Got a chill because it scared me. After a few seconds I answered it! I said hello back.  I never heard anything else.  I never saw anyone either. I can still hear that little voice as plain as I did that day. 

Maybe you don’t believe in ghosts and all this sounds perfectly explainable.  That’s fine. Personally, I enjoy believing in ghosts.  I love the mystery.  Who knows, really????

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