Cinnamon toast

29 Sep

I don’t care how crappy a day I have had or how bad I feel Cinnamon Toast has healing powers. I am a somewhat devout “not as much as I used to be” health nut so I use whole wheat toast, Truvia sprinkles and cinnamon. I spray that with fat free pam so it has a crunch when it’s done. I like to have it with black coffee but I have had it with different kinds of hot tea. It has to be hot tea. Iced tea and cinnamon toast just don’t pair well.

I keep a bowl of cinnamon and sugar on my counter (with a top of course). When I get a sweet craving i dip the corner of a piece of wheat bread in it and try not to do it again…

I like to use cinnamon oil to anoint my candles I use for happiness too. It seems to work well for me. I like to use an orange candle and rub on a little cinnamon oil as I chant some phrase-of-the-day. Light the candle (paired with a little cinnamon incense!) and meditate for a while. Sometimes I scratch a word into the candle but not always. I find if you scratch it in with a key ( i have a skeleton key for this) it has a more positive energy. It works for me anyway. Everyone will have their own little tricks when it comes to personal happiness and feeling positive.

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