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29 Sep

I just posted things I’d like to get as birthday gifts.  But if I could have anything…ANYTHING…I would want to have none of my regrets to have ever happened, I’d be able to give my family everything they wanted, I wouldn’t be selfish in any way, and i wouldn’t have waited til I was 30 to start working out.    I don’t want ANYTHING tangible for a birthday gift ever again.  It’s not about “stuff”.  My grandmother told me that when she was close to death from cancer.  She said  “it’s all material things.  Those things mean nothing”.  She gave things away her entire life, not just at the end of it.  I never left her house empty handed. It wasn’t always  material gifts that she gave, though. She gave her time by playing games with us or preparing snacks for us after school, taking us to piano lessons, going walking with us. I remember physically “pushing” her up hills! Oh, and picking up loose change we’d find on the road and in parking lots. She kept the change in a little box in her dresser that she’d use to buy us “a bar of candy” from the 5 and dime.  She’d only do this when my papaw wasn’t around.  Ya know, I am guilty of this now..I hope my hubby doesn’t find this blog! (I still pick up change when i go walking and keep it in an old candle jar in my closet. I roll it and use it for “tight” money.)    I miss her so much.  I have changed a thousand times since she died but the things she taught me will never leave me.

Birthdays are only once a year.  Gifts are traditional at that time, but what about the rest of the year? What do we “give”?  What do I contribute to those around me?  It doesn’t have to be a thing that you give. Give by doing things for the people you love. You can show love much louder than just saying it.

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